The Mountain Lake Region of Northeast Alabama

The Tennessee River is one of the most ecologically important river systems in the country. As a TVA community, we’re proud to share the promotion & protection of our region’s most stunning natural treasures. Our area’s unique heritage and recreational opportunities have created quite the buzz and why we’ve been featured nationally. If you are discovering us for the first time, welcome! Whether new or returning, we hope you always feel at home in Jackson County Alabama.

































The Mountain Lake Region of Northeast Alabama

The Tennessee River is one of the most ecologically important river systems in the country. As a TVA community, we’re proud to share the promotion & protection of our region’s most stunning natural treasures.



































1. Goose Pond Colony/Plantation Resort – Catch that one-of-a-kind sunset at this stunning 365-acre complex offering the only 16-mile view down the Tennessee River, on Lake Guntersville. Stay and fish from your own lakefront cottage, then enjoy a fabulous seafood dinner at The Docks.

2. Russell Cave National Monument – Located in Bridgeport, home to Google’s newest Data Center, explore one of Alabama’s National Monuments where Archaeologists from National Geographic and Smithsonian determined that humans first inhabited the area long before the Great Pyramids were built.

3. Stephen’s Gap – Located in Woodville, this is one of the most beloved caves in the Southeast. The view of the 143-ft pit from the walk-in passage is one of the most photographed wild cave scenes in North America. Located in the heart of Jackson County, it’s a protected cave and requires a permit to access from the Southeastern Cave Conservancy.

4. High Falls Park – Located in Grove Oak, on the North Alabama Waterfall Trail marvel at the scenic vistas and majestic waterfall at High Falls. The centerpiece of High Falls Park is the 35-feet waterfall. Formed by Town Creek, the falls span some 300 feet across at times. Near the base of the impressive High Falls is a natural bridge. This 25-feet span of rock features a large arch, eroded by the flow of water over hundreds of years.



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The health and safety of both our guests is our top priority!

As a result, you may experience changes to some services during your stay in response to COVID-19. Local hotels are among the hardest hit businesses amid the recent pandemic and also among the group working hardest to ensure a safe lodging experience. We are proud to promote lodging partners in Jackson County Alabama who have not only maintained, but exceeded cleanliness standards. Local lodging providers have implemented new standards, with housekeeping staff working daily to clean common touchpoints. Many currently only serving grab and go items at breakfast, with attendants who are focused on improved sanitation standards.

Please view each of our partner sites to review individual corporate standards, before planning your adventure to Jackson County Alabama.



Relocating to Jackson County provides the opportunity for a calming quality of life. Services that might require hours in line in a larger city can be accomplished in literally minutes. A full range of medical services is available either locally or in nearby Huntsville. One can be as active or involved in the community as they wish to be. The weather provides a virtually year-round opportunity for outdoor activities. Add to all that, the low cost of living makes Jackson County an ideal location to relocate.
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“It requires bravery to choose the road less traveled, the one that leads off the beaten path. For those who want to get out & explore, find freedom in outdoor spaces. For those tired of driving, it’s time to make waves. For those weary of the same four walls, discover ancient ones. For those seeking an incredible experience, we’re just up the road. Take the road less traveled when visiting Jackson County, Alabama. No one who did ever regretted it.”

With folks being more ready than ever to hit the trails, Jackson County has been featured in the Winter Edition of Adventure Outdoors Magazine. Follow along on our Instagram Story Channel to learn about new area adventures, weekly!

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Featured attractions: Buck’s Pocket State Park – Cathedral Caverns State Park – Walls of Jericho Alabama – Stephens Gap Cave – Goose Pond Colony – Jackson County Park Cabins & Recreational Facility.




The ultimate Water Fall Foliage Trail will take visitors on a road-trip through three Northeast Alabama counties, spanning 114 miles. Following a path that starts near Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro and leads to Gorham’s Bluff Lodge in Pisgah. This 9-hour trip could take up to four days to complete and will expose outdoor adventurers to some of the most stunning views in Northeast Alabama. Featured Falls, include Stephen’s Gap Cave {Private Property}, Bethell Springs Nature Preserve, Keel Mountain Lost Sink Falls, Burns Bluff at High Falls, Chigger Hill Falls, High Falls Park, Little Sauty Falls, Indian House Falls, Weathington Overlook Falls, Pisgah Falls



What makes you want to visit someplace new? An Instagram photo? A Pinterest board? A friend sharing their unforgettable experience? Historical significance? Exploring the unknown? Change of scenery? Break from reality? We all have our reasons, and they are the driving force behind why we expend resources discovering new destinations. For folks traveling to Jackson Co., those are just a few motivations that drive visitors to discover & experience our attractions. We’re a haven to many & an explorer’s dream to even more!  Check out why visitors keep coming back!


Gorham's Bluff Lodge has won accolades as one of the top Bed & Breakfasts in the country. Featured in the 2007 Southern Living and Paula Deen magazines.

Best of 2017: Goose Pond Colony named a top 15 golf course in Alabama

According to Golf Advisor

Archeologists and scientists from National Geographic and Smithsonian have determined that human beings first inhabited the area long before the building of the Great Pyramids in Egypt


The Mountain Lakes Visitor’s Center in Jackson County, Alabama

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